For companies and individuals who want to find their edge, mindfulness & meditation is for you. If you don't trust us, trust the plethora of studies & research behind meditation and its positive effects on the workplace. But really, you should trust us. Our evidence-based, research-backed method means your team will be:

  • Less stressed, less sick, and more present at work
  • More resilient (overcoming decision fatigue, developing grit)
  • More creative
  • More communicative, which leads to positive team relations
  • More focused and performing at their peak
  • Happier


It's been proven that in the world of meditation, the brain, and habit-forming, it takes 8 weeks for something to stick and to see results. Over the course of 8 weeks, we come to you. Whether this is in your boardroom or your lunch room, our meditation instructors will make it work.  

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to the Brain, Mindfulness and Meditation and its relevance to our everyday lives.
  • Understanding the mechanics behind creating a sense of calm in the body
  • Utilizing breath work to create a calmer state of mind
  • Understanding the mechanics behind improving focus and memory
  • Practical methods to improve focus and memory 
  • Introduction to positive psychology and the chemistry of happiness
  • Practical methods to increase happiness in our everyday lives
  • Integrating all three aspects (increasing a sense of calm, focus, and happiness) into one simple practice. 


Don't have 8 weeks? All good. We can design custom programs for you and your team, friends, or office. Let us know how much time you have and what you would like us to cover from the topics listed above. 

I had the privilege of working alongside Anita and Hiro at a career development event we organized for our alumni called Power Down to Power Up. The room was full and the audience was transfixed. Anita and Hiro have a beautiful synergy and a genuine warmth that gave a diverse group of people the courage and confidence to experience for themselves the positive effects of meditation and presence. Anita and Hiro combine solid research with interactive engagement and the feedback we received from participants was completely positive. We were grateful to have given our alumni the chance to bring mindfulness into their lives in an accessible and inviting way. I would highly recommend Anita, Hiro and Moment Meditation for speaking engagements, workshops and group sessions.

Michele Murphy
Alumni Career Educator
alumni UBC at The University of British Columbia

Not sure where to start? You can listen to & read all about one of our past custom events here: (link)