3 Tips for a Happier Life

I've been fortunate to spend most of my life pretty happy, surrounded by a good family and great friends. Inevitably, life will offer up some bumps in the road and when it has, I've focused on 3 things to get me through the tough times.  

1). I get clear about what I can do to change the things that are negatively impacting my life and act on them.

In the morning I write a to-do list of the things I can do to remove stress.  Examples -   Apply for a new job, book a session with a therapist, talk to the bank, arrange a coffee meeting with a mentor, etc. 

2). I do things that make me feel good.  

There is no point in sitting around waiting for things to happen so once I've got my to-do list done, I do something that takes my mind off the stress and makes me happy. Examples - drive out to the country and go for a big hike, cook a new recipe and invite friends over, watch a funny movie, read something interesting, buy a meditation app for my phone, have an interesting glass of wine, etc.  For me the experience of trying something new is more rewarding so I rarely drink the same wine, do the same hike, run the same route, etc. 

3). Be patient.  

At some point in all of our lives we've wanted something really badly so we've checked our phones and emails relentlessly waiting for the news.  It is only when we stop obsessing over it does it typically happen. The world is going to give us what we truly want but stressing over it won't make it happen sooner. 

Remember- A happy life doesn't mean it's always perfect.  It's that the majority of our days are spent happy. 

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