Adventures in Mindfulness- Cooking

Adventures in Mindfulness finds the magic in the mundane. It asks us to take a moment in our day-to-day to notice the thoughts and sensations that arise. 

I settled down to make chili. It was 10PM at that point and I was starving.  All the canned goods were on the countertop, waiting to be opened. Is this still cooking though?... Wait. Focus

I pulled out a chopping board and got to work. Onions, garlic, carrots, sweet potatoes, chop, chop chop. 

The water felt cool against my skin as I washed the mushrooms. I noticed my mind began to wander to advice a friend gave me about how you weren’t supposed to wash mushrooms, only wipe them down. That's kind of gross, I thought.

Chop. Chop. Chop. Each slice of the knife reverberated through my skin and up my arm. The knife was crisp and quick and the sounds made were sharp and loud. Was I going to wake anyone up with this incessant chopping?

I threw the cut up veggies into a frying pan. A loud sizzle(!) sound followed by some steam. I must have left some water droplets on the mushrooms as they very quickly made contact with the oil and leaped off the pan. That was a close one, I thought as I narrowly dodged a searing hot oil droplet.  

While they were sizzling, I began to open the cans of beans and crushed tomatoes. 

“Shit!” I said, dropping a can into the sink, as I cut myself on the edge of the tin lid. I thrust my hand under cold water. 

This is what I get for trying to do too many things at once. I turned off the tap and cursed myself at my failed attempt at efficiency, pressing a paper towel against my finger. One Mississippi… two Mississippi… I counted to 30.

Eventually, everything was finished, wiped away, and stacked neatly by the sink. The chilli was simmering in the pot over low heat. I decided to dip a wooden spoon in for a taste. 

The flavours were not very subtle. It was like a spicy party and only nutmeg was invited. Oh wait, there was garlic, shy and quiet in the corner with onion. Definitely not my best batch, but it did the trick.