Adventures in Mindfulness- Public Transit

"Bye everyone, see you tomorrow!!"

I've been waiting for this all day- and by this, I mean the wind down; the time of the day where I am just "off." 


It's been another long day of smiling and conversation. I love to entertain, but it's also nice to know that right now, in the 30 minutes of transit, I won't be expected to do so-


"Hey! How are you? I can't remember the last time I saw you!" (whoops, spoke too soon)

I ask her about her upcoming vacation and nod along as she shares the exciting details of her impending adventures. I noticed myself zoning in and out of our conversation; my thoughts occupied instead with how nice it is to be the one listening and not speaking for once. 

Although the trek home wasn't nearly as quiet as I'd intended it to be, i catch myself thinking that it was still nice catching up with an old friend. And as we part ways, I regale myself with the fact that I'll be home soon and my heart picks up the tiniest bit at the thought.

When I finally arrive, the clouds have cleared up outside and it's as if the sun itself is welcoming me home with the perfect spot in the warmth. 


I take a seat and take the opportunity to bask in comfortable silence for the first time today. I am "off."

This is a guest post from Roxi. You can catch more of her here.