Adventures in Mindfulness- Gardening

Let me start by saying I am blessed with a husband, son and twin daughters. Our house is very exciting, very messy and very loud. For some reason that I can’t figure out, I seem to be the most popular person in my home and I can’t go anywhere alone.

If I'm gone for around 5 minutes, I can count on the fact that someone will always come and find me. Recently, I found a loophole that allows me to get some quiet  "me" time. 

I put on my gardening gloves, grab my weed bucket and go outside. Apparently, no one in my home likes weeding! I put my head down and focus on each weed.

Then the next, and then the next. No need to think about anything but looking for the next weed. It’s quiet.

Only the sound of the breeze and the birds fill the air. The air is fresh and clean. As I continue my mind becomes less and less busy and I slow my breathing down. It’s just me and the weeds.

Inevitability, someone will have injured themselves terribly, had their feelings hurt, are hungry for snack, or can’t find the dry cleaning ticket. Thus my mindful weeding MOMENT is ended. But I am much better for it.

(And my garden is looking great!)