Adventures in Mindfulness- Sex

Even at the most intimate of times, our minds may wander. An essay on staying in the moment.

Warning: Reader Discretion is advised. 50 Shades has nothing on us. 

I felt his lips against mine. A kiss that was both earnest yet playful. Our lips met, then separated, then met again. In between those moments I could feel the heat of his breath. His stubble tickling the corners of my lips as our tongues met.

Tongues are such a weird body part.. firm but soft and a little slimy… wait.. focus. Be present.

I could feel his body, bigger than mine, heavy and pressing against me. Our legs tangled, and every dip and curve that made up the edges of me was filled in with him. His skin was electric- warm to the touch and surprisingly smooth.

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I could feel my hair caught beneath me. Stuck between the growing sweatiness of my bare back and the softness of the bed beneath. A little uncomfortable, but bearable.

Was my hair going to fall out if I tugged it out from beneath me too roughly? I didn’t want breakage and I just dyed my hair… wait… focus. Be present. 

I was aware of every gasp that slipped through my lips. He literally took my breath away with the things he was doing. I moved my legs to make space for him. My legs felt sore…

...hip flexors tight from a workout perhaps--- wait, focus… be present.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and I could feel the bones of his hips against the tenderness of my thighs.

My hand cupped his face- his stubble prickly beneath my palms. I ran my hand up to his hair-  a hint of sweat.

I was here. With him.

A part of me couldn’t believe it was happening and a part of me reminded me to stay present. This was everything.