South by South Rest- Pressing Pause at SXSW

Keep Austin Weird.

Upon stepping out of the airport, we were greeted with these words.

Before heading out of town, we were told that Austin is the "Portland of the South" and we soon discovered that the two cities are certainly sisters, if not twins. 

Food trucks, pedi-cabs (dogs in pedi-cabs), and an endless amount of things to do called for our attention from every corner. But- we were on a mission. 

Together with Kit and Ace, we were helping SXSW-ers push pause amidst a busy festival. We dusted off the ol' copper studio for one final breath of life as our Meditation Station. 

Vibes included. DJ Elrizzy, creator of our latest MOMENT mix,  flew down from Vancouver to help set the mood in our chill-out space. 

Passer-bys could choose whether they wanted to take 5 in our lounge and listen to an audio-guided meditation, or step into the copper studio for a more personalized experience with our measurability equipment. 

Photography by Nui Consulting & Shane K. helped to set the tone inside the studio. 

4 days and over 500 chilled out people later, we left our heart, the copper studio, and a little bit of pause in Austin forever.