Mind of a Meditator- Keighty Gallagher from Tight Club

These last few months, we've been inviting some game changers and top players in to check out their MQ (or Mindfulness Quotient). Today, we meet Keighty, founder of Tight Club Athletics, and, as Hiroko calls her, a fitness kween. 

Tell us about yourself in 140 characters or less. 
Im Keighty! I'd like to consider myself a creative athlete and am lucky enough run a pretty rad business that lets me do just that - craft creative and thoughtful workouts, build super workable teams with cool people, and flex some sweat skills along the way :) Tight Club is my happy place, my business, and my lifestyle.

What is your background with mindfulness, meditation, floating, mental health, etc? 
I'm all for mindfulness. As an athlete, performance is greatly impacted by whats going on upstairs. I used to work with a meditation coach back in the day - we'd sit down at the track and he'd help me visualize waterfalls and shit. I think it was just to help calm my racing mind, but it totally worked. 

These days I base my entire business around strengthening your body and mind. By the end of my athletic career I was pretty beat up mentally. Exercise had become a dreaded and fearful endeavour, based mostly on the environment around me. I started Tight Club with the intention to change the way people feel about fitness because I truly believe that movement makes you happy :)

What were your expectations prior to coming in for the MQ?
I had no idea what to expect actually - I didn't expect it to be so science based which was actually super cool!

If you were to describe the MQ to your best friend, what would you say?
I'd describe it like this: "Hey friend, I did this cool thing today that tested how my body and brain deals with stress. Its kind of like a fitness test for your mind. We did intervals of sucky things, like instead of doing burpees"

She looks like a top model, she is humble like your girl next door, and she is fit as F$&@. She is the owner of Tight Club, the mecca of local cool fitness. She is fast paced and most probably, her brain and body must be too,. 

Let's take a look: 

Muscle activity

Top athletes have strong muscles, and mindful athletes have strong AND relaxed muscles. Keighty's muscle baseline is at around 2 mV, which is super soft. Excellent.

In terms of muscles, improvement sits in the last assessment of the MQ which is mindful breathing (as it does for many of us). This is where we learn to breathe abdominally rather than tensing the shoulders. Sometimes we tense those shoulders with the thought that we should “perform”, or breath”perfectly”. Time to let go of all that.

Microsweat and temperature

Temperature drops with stress, as the brain, under stress, sends signals to increase the levels of noradrenaline, which increase vasoconstriction. With more of this neurotransmitter, blood vessels shrink as our blood flows from our extremities to our big organs.

You could expect with this type of assessment to see some decrease in temperature. And yethe is a super tough babe.

Her temperature (the orange line) does not drop at all. It does not move. At all. In fact her score for resiliency is really high. This is a measure, in a way, on mental toughness, of endurance. No surprise. She is the Queen of fit.


When she closes her eyes (taking a Moment), there is a lot of High Alpha, commonly found in high achieving athletes. High Alpha is associated with external focus, high IQ, sensory motor control. All good stuff.

Is her brain busy? Just a little bit. See how in the middle of the graph there is some yellow activity? Yellow= high beta= busy brain. 


And yet, this is perfect. In mindfulness, the point is to notice the worries, the busy-ness in the brain, and not engage in it.

& Heads Up!  if you're a member of Keighty's Tight Club community, you receive $10 drop ins all month long at our studio.