3 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Meditation-Ready.

I just moved in with my partner last month and while I love meditating at the studio, I've always enjoyed meditating at home as well. Despite three years of regular practice, I'm still a little bit shy to meditate in front of someone (something about having your eyes closed while the person beside you is playing video games doesn't feel quite as "zen")- so have taken it upon myself to sneak some quiet moments when I can, however I can. Below are some tips to quickly flip your home into a meditation zone. 

1. Get Comfy & Warm

No one said you had to meditate on the floor. Throw a few cute cushions on the corner of a couch and you have a prime meditation spot with plenty of back support. (Gotta love back support.) 

Additionally, meditation brings our awareness to our senses- which for many of us may mean we begin to feel cold during the sit session. A blanket keeps all of that at bay. 







2. Candles

Not quite ready to dive into a full on eyes-closed meditation? Sit for a few moments with a candle, focusing intently on the flame and you'll feel a similar effect. 


3. Bring the outside in

In all of my classes, one thing I continue to hear from people is that nature puts us at ease. In the middle of a busy city, I like to make sure my home has plenty of plants and greenery to keep the air fresh, and my mind easy.