Mindful & Sustainable- Living Green with Jollia & Tiffany, founders of Karmabitez

In honour of Earth Day this Saturday, we've highlighted a few local movers and shakers who are saving the world one small step at a time. What's the connection? Meditation and mindfulness leaves us more present and aware of our day to day experience. A big part of this is becoming more aware of our impact on the world around us as well. 

There are many ways to live mindfully and live sustainably and today, Jollia shares her journey with food waste

Tell us about yourself
We are two food passionate, nature loving individuals. 

Tiffany graduated with a BSc in Food Science at UBC and I (Jollia) graduated with a BBA specialist in Marketing at University of Toronto and am currently studying to become a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. We were high school friends but lost touch after I (Jollia) left for Toronto. After several years, we reunited through our common love for yoga, spirituality, travelling, and food that nourishes the body. Through our travels, we both share experiences of seeing the dire conditions of underdeveloped countries in comparison to the luxuries we enjoy here in Vancouver. Fortunate to have travelled to beautiful places in the world, we've come to truly appreciate nature's beauty and have a strong desire to maintain nature as it should be.  

 We wanted to create a product that helps us become more conscious as modern day consumers, as people who share the same planet with others, and people who recognize the common need for all of us to take a part in sustaining the beautiful earth we share.

Tell us about KarmaBItez
Through Karmabitez, we wish to initiate the conversation of food waste - to help others become aware of where their food comes from, what it's made of, and where it's going. To provoke thought about the entire life cycle of food. We believe that consumers have the power to change unsustainable practices of large corporations whom take no regard for their actions. We believe change must start from the consumers. Therefore, Karmabitez isn't just a cracker. Through our crackers, we hope to inspire and empower more people to take part in keeping the planet clean and green through our upcycled crackers.

How do you think Mindfulness plays a role in the work that you do? 
Mindfulness plays a huge role in the work we do. Every single business decision we make is based on being mindful of the environmental impact we are making. From operational efficiencies to reducing the use of paper receipts to using recycled boxes for our deliveries. Mindfulness also plays a role in allowing us to have a clear mind to make serious business decisions.

And finally, just for fun. Earth is great, but if you had to live on another planet- which one would you pick? 
The Moon! It's close enough to the sun and earth but secluded enough for peace :)