Mindful & Sustainable- Living Green with Zoe & Bridget from The Vegan Project

In honour of Earth Day this Saturday, we've highlighted a few local movers and shakers who are saving the world one small step at a time. What's the connection? Meditation and mindfulness leaves us more present and aware of our day to day experience. A big part of this is becoming more aware of our impact on the world around us as well. 

There are many ways to live mindfully and live sustainably and today, Zoe shares her journey with Veganism. 

Tell us about yourself/Tell us about The Vegan Project

I’m a seven year-vegan, pitbull advocate, senior animal advocate, avocado-obsessed writer, marketer, event producer, and more.


For several years, I have been involved with The Vegan Project, in a Marketing, Events and Outreach Capacity. After following The Vegan Project for a while in my early vegan years, I became involved with it in the summer of 2013. At that time, it had been established for a few years, by Bridget, who remains the original founder, and today we make up the Project in conjunction with our third vegan powerhouse of a co-hort, Rhiannon Whitney.

We have observed further diversity in the folks who are utilizing the VP as a resource. Many vegans use the site on a regular basis, but we are also welcoming vegetarians, the veg-­‐curious, omnivores looking for new recipes, and folks who want to shift their views on food and animal products in general. The conversations about veganism are expanding far beyond vegan-­‐specific circles, which is very exciting for us, and all members of the community

How do you think Mindfulness plays a role in the work that you do? 

Mindfulness has a technical definition. It’s also a word that gets thrown around a lot in many casual capacities. For me, mindfulness is crucial to everything I do because it’s linked to awareness, of both self and others.

One of the values that I grew up with was to help as many living beings (animals and humans) as you can in your life, however you can, when you're able to. This is something I truly believe in, and I apply it to everything I'm involved with.  Being able to apply this value to things like The Vegan Project means a great deal to me.

Mindfulness speaks to awareness, to considering what is happening internally but also externally, near and afar. It speaks to what we choose to do about things that we feel are right, and how we direct our energy towards things that we believe are wrong.

I think we have an inherent obligation to acknowledge, to help, and to speak up. Loudly. We all choose our respective causes, but I truly believe a major component of mindfulness is considering what we can offer as individuals, and how it can help the living beings existing around us.

And finally, just for fun. Earth is great, but if you had to live on another planet- which one would you pick?
The plant named for the Roman goddess of love and beauty: Venus.  After the Sun and the Moon, it’s also the brightest object in the sky.

Tell us about yourself
I'm one of the founding members of The Vegan Project, a passionate vegan Recipe Creator and Personal Chef, and big time animal lover. 

I like to spend most of my time in the kitchen making food for clients and veganizing classic recipes with a fun and healthy twist. Meal prep is my happy place and I love to do it for others. Personal motto: Get more vegan food into people's mouths!

Tell us about The Vegan Project/ the work you do
The Vegan Project began over 7 years ago when myself and two friends challenged each other to eat a vegan diet for a month. I loved every minute of it and the project has since become a complete lifestyle and a resource for anyone wanting to embrace cruelty-free living.

The Vegan Project today is so lucky to have Zoe Peled and Rhiannon Whitney on the team. Zoe Peled is a fierce marketing mind and social media wizard and Rhiannon is the lash extension queen and owner of Willow's Wax bar aka cruelty-free beauty hub of Vancouver. They are also die hard vegans and animal advocates and inspire me on the reg.

Together, we provide recipes and resources on being vegan at www.theveganproject.com and host events and informative panel discussions on the ethics of the food industry. We're also launching Vancouver's {Vegan} Wine + Cheese series this spring! Gathering people and building a supportive and lively vegan community is what we're all about.


How do you think Mindfulness plays a role in the work that you do? 
Every part of being vegan can be mindful. Considering whether something I'm eating or using is vegan-friendly or not is a part of my every day. But like any practice, the more you do it, the more it becomes second-nature. When I'm asked if I feel like i'm missing out or crave certain foods I can answer honestly, no.  It's become so ingrained in my constitution that it does not even feel like a decision, but rather a full expression of my heart.


And finally, just for fun. Earth is great, but if you had to live on another planet- which one would you pick? 
Mars! I've been reading lately that life might be a real possibility there.

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