Mindful & Sustainable- Living Green with Elim Chu, Stylist, Consultant, & Art Director

In honour of Earth Day this Saturday, we've highlighted a few local movers and shakers who are saving the world one small step at a time. What's the connection? Meditation and mindfulness leaves us more present and aware of our day to day experience. A big part of this is becoming more aware of our impact on the world around us as well. 

There are many ways to live mindfully and live sustainably and today, Elim shares her journey with slow fashion. 

Photo by Fahim Kassam

Photo by Fahim Kassam

Tell us about yourself

When other kids were playing with their Barbie dolls, I was sneaking into my mom's sewing kit to make clothes for mine with found materials. My first glimpse of the fashion world was thanks to Jeanne Beker on Fashion Television. It was a Versace runway, it was the 90's, it was glorious and I switched from YM to Vogue. Fast forward to 23 year old me and I've been accepted into fashion design school. Halfway through the program, my instructor lets me know I am failing sewing and pattern making. I had assumed that being a Fashion Designer was the only path into the fashion industry but it was in failing that I discovered the job title that truly encompassed my passion: Stylist.

Tell us about the work that you do

Aside from fashion styling, consulting and exploring art directing, I've been growing my business around how we choose clothing for ourselves. Specifically with the filter of feeling good vs looking good. It started when a friend of mine asked for help with updating her wardrobe. I had never done one for anyone before but my filters and personal philosophy for what to keep, what to let go seemed  to resonate for her. The experience showed me that my knowledge was worthy of sharing and that it could be transformative. Think about your day, getting dressed is one of the very first things we do. When we choose clothing that helps us feel most authentically ourselves, I believe it supports us in being present and powerful. 


Fahim Kassam

Fahim Kassam

How do you think Mindfulness plays a role in the work that you do? 

It plays a huge part in my work. Mindfulness shaped and continues to shape how I live in my home, what I buy, what I wear, who I work with, how I spend my time...the list goes on and on. 

And finally, just for fun. Earth is great, but if you had to live on another planet- which one would you pick? 

The Moon isn't a planet, but that would be my choice. It has a great view of planet Earth.