"Meditators, They're Just Like Us!" ft. Shawna

Inspired by tabloid magazines (you know the ones- "Celebrities, just like us!"), we are featuring a series of local Vancouverites who incorporate meditation into their everyday. They aren't on the quest for enlightenment and they aren't lazing around- these are busy bodies who understand the importance of pressing pause every once in a while. The idea is- Heck, if they can do it, you can too. 

Today, we feature Shawna- Dog mum, & VP Brand at Kit and Ace (at the time of the interview). 

What got you into meditation?

A normal mid-twenties coming of age crisis

How do you feel meditation affects your day/ affects your life (I know- big Q)?

It allows me to slow things down and be more insightful in the decisions I’m making in the rest of my life.

What is your favourite way/ time of day/ place, etc. to meditate?

Always the morning in my meditation room, which is supposed to be my office.

Brief run-thru of a typical day. 

5:20am Wake Up
6am Work Out
7:15am Meditate
8:00am Shower
8:45am Walk to Work (major key)
9am Work
6pm – Walk Home (major key)
6:30pm Dog Walk
7:00pm Make Dinner
10pm Sleep