"Meditators, They're Just Like Us!" ft Zach

Inspired by tabloid magazines (you know the ones- "Celebrities, just like us!"), we are featuring a series of local Vancouverites who incorporate meditation into their everyday. They aren't on the quest for enlightenment and they aren't lazing around- these are busy bodies who understand the importance of pressing pause every once in a while. The idea is- Heck, if they can do it, you can too. 

Today, we feature Zach- co-owner of The Juice Truck. 


What got you into meditation?

My mom peaked my interest in exploring different spiritual practices and views at a young age. That led to lots of reading and traveling and self development. My recent interests in meditation were reignited from some of the guests on the Rich Roll podcast. Specifically; Andy Puddicombe from Headspace, Wim Hoff and Charlie Knoles. 

How do you feel meditation affects your day/ affects your life

It’s something I look forward to and crave. A space I know I can go to for myself. It helps me approach the day with a sense of calmness and allows me to stay on a path where I can channel the lessons of meditation to help best deal with any bumps that inevitable come up on the day to day. 

It’s something I look forward to and crave. A space I know I can go to for myself

What is your favourite way/ time of day/ place, etc. to meditate?

Right when I wake up in my living room. I like a 15-20 minute guided meditation. 

Brief run-thru of a typical day. 

Wake up. Meditate. Workout. Head to work. Drink some juice. Head home. Dinner. Netflix and sleep and repeat.