The Happiness Picnic: 5 Minutes with Jennifer Brott

This month, we have our mind on all things nutrition and gut health which is why we've invited three of our favourite nutritionists in town and are throwing a picnic party-slash-workshop on our rooftop. To lead up to it, we are highlighting each of the nutritionists, each week. Read up on Jen Brott today and sign up for the picnic here. 

Favourite moments as a nutritionist?

The first time I saw a client's quality life change due to dietary changes was a definite highlight. I always knew it to be a powerful tool for me, but seeing it positively impact their life was the best and it continues to blow my mind and light me up every single day.


What nutrition "fad" are you over?

Labels! Those are meant for crappy packaged foods, not for people. We need to stop obsessing over whether we or someone we know are "paleo", "gluten free", "vegan", "vegetarian" and start being kinder to one another- no labelled box for me, thanks!

What are you currently obsessed with (food wise or not)?

Peanut butter and chocolate, always. Oh, and my son's belly button. 


If you could be anything else/ do anything else in this lifetime, what would that be?

I would own a farm that grew gorgeous food, herbs, and flowers and was also used as an event space. That is the dream!

What does happiness look like to you?

Sitting around the dinner table after a big holiday feast with my friends and family, talking and belly laughing until the wee hours on the night. 


Favourite place in the world to picnic?

Spyglass Hill, Rothesay, NB. It's where I grew up and that shit runs deeeeeeep in my veins.