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Meditation, yoga’s chill sibling who’s more interested in your brain than your body, is definitely having a moment. READ MORE 


METRO NEWS VANCOUVER Inside a tucked-away Gastown studio, white walls are patterned with sunlight, the sweet-sharp scent of eucalyptus drifts through the room, and a profound sense of calm is settling in. READ MORE


UBC ALUMNI So what’s an aspiring meditator to do about the innumerable thoughts constantly racing across our neurological landscape? READ MORE


VITA DAILY There’s not a spare minute in your day to get a decent lunch, let alone practice quiet meditation. Right?READ MORE


MEL SAYS  BLOG Meditation has become an important part of my life these past couple of months. If you’ve been following this website, you may have seen some of my previous posts on leading a more mindful life. READ MORE


CKNW Co-Founder Hiroko Demichelis speaks on technology and the future of meditation LISTEN HERE


CTV Two probes on my fingers measured my microsweat, temperature, and heart rate. An electrode on the top of my head recorded brain electrical activity. A band around my stomach and a sensor on my shoulder measured my breathing and muscle tension. READ MORE HERE


CBC RADIO Getting stressed out is part of life. But how good are you at calming down? As we learn more about the cost of chronic stress, calming down has become a modern obsession — with an explosion of apps, tools and science trying to help us relax. LISTEN HERE


WELLSPACE & CO Resilience, which is the skill that allows you to get back up again when life knocks you down; the ability to recognize feelings and thoughts as they are happening, and to become the observer rather than the reactor; a deeper understanding of oneself; and of course patience.READ MORE HERE


Mindfulness and meditation is becoming a popular method for helping people connect with themselves. That’s where Moment Meditation comes in. READ MORE


BC LIVING Gastown's Moment Meditation is a boutique mindfulness studio offering group classes....READ MORE


YELLOW PAGES Mindfulness is all the rage these days, but sometimes it can be hard to find time to slow down, breathe and press pause on your hectic schedule. READ MORE


JUICE TRUCK JOURNAL Yoga was it’s modern day gateway. Meditation has now arrived on to the mainstream. This practice has been around since the origins of humanity, but never has it been so accessible. READ MORE


ROUNDHOUSE RADIO Co-Founder Anita Cheung sat with Janice & Cory to talk about MOMENT, the measurability of meditation, & more. LISTEN HERE


GIRLS ARE AWESOME “Meditation isn’t only for those who have “made it”, of course,” she says. “The irony is that although it seems like a luxury only afforded to those at the top, it is the fundamental shift that needs to happen for all people to build a solid foundation in personal wellness. And if we aren’t well, what are we?” READ MORE HERE


WGSN Calm Technology was a key theme at last year’s SXSW, and that mindful mood has continued through to 2017. At the conference, the trade show and in some of this year’s activations, brands are responding to consumers’ growing desire to slow down, be present in the moment, and connect more meaningfully to the off-screen world.READ MORE HERE


VANCOUVER MAGAZINE Holding still is really hard; shutting your mind off for a bit is even harder. And to attempt either while life is demanding so much from you—meal planning, work deadlines, trying to actually have friends and making sure it’s all well-documented on Instagram—can sometimes feel impossible. READ MORE HERE


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