If you find numbers sexy, this is for you. 

With our unique equipment & technology, we are able to administer a psycho-physiological assessment which will give you a measurable result. Leave with a unique starting "MQ" score (like the calm, focused, and happy cousin of IQ)- a Mindfulness Quotient that reflects your stress response. After a few weeks of mindfulness training (may we suggest MOMENT classes?), take the assessment again and see how things have changed.


What We Measure

Brain Electrical Activity
Heart Rate Variability
Breath Rate
Heart Rate
Muscle Tension
Peripheral Temperature

What Your MQ tells you 

RESILIENCE- Can you keep calm and carry on? This explains your body's ability to control alarm in the body as a response to external pressure as well as your body's ability to dissipate stress once the stimulus has disappeared. 

ALERT- Choose decaf. This speaks to your body's ability to be mentally awake and present

CONTROL- Not just for micromanagers. This describes your ability to control your muscular tension, breath, and heart rate for greater composure and physical recovery.

FLEXIBILITY- No headstands needed and we won't ask you to touch your toes. This describes your ability to ignore distractions and focus on what counts. 

What to Expect 

Duration: 45 minutes
Price: $100

When you come in for your MQ assessment, you will be connected to a laptop by various wires for about 30 minutes. Don't worry. One of our staff will explain the setup and walk you through the process. The assessment consists of periods of activity (think: reading, basic math, and other things designed to test your stress response & focus) and periods of rest and conscious relaxation. After the assessment, we will email you your MQ Score and be available and happy to help with any questions you may have over email. 

After that, take a few weeks to cultivate your own meditation practice and come back to see us again for your follow up assessment. 



What People Are Saying: 



"mind blown.

I have dedicated what feels like my entire life to understanding the dynamics of team and individual optimum performance... And I am still only scratching the surface.

I had the privilege of working with Moment Meditation to hook up several dozen bio-feedback and electroencephalogram (EEG) monitors to my brain and body to answer some questions... What’s really going on in that fight or flight mode… How effective are my recovery states?

The lightbulb went off when we observed I was spending 10 times more energy during my recovery phase than needed - all subconscious - all due to treating breathing like a competition (how much air can I get in, how much can I push out - how do I win this meditation exercise). It turns out this was actually sabotaging my optimum recovery state. As Hiro cued me through a new breathing process, we watched in real time over the course of a couple dozen breaths as my energy output dropped by a factor of 10, while the para-sympathetic system moved into full effect.

I love zooming out of absolutely microscopic practices like this to grasp the full performance impact… It could be easy to question what this really means? What’s the big deal with subtly tweaking your breathing practice to improve optimum recovery?

Now consider that we take roughly 23,000 breaths a day… 8 million a year. What the value of a 10x improvement on that?

And we’re still only talking about the short game.

And so the life long pursuit of Flow and High Performance continues - a little bit wiser. One baby step further."

-Tyrell Mara, Professional Athlete & Olympic Hopeful for Tokyo 2020