Co-Founder // Brand & Community Director

I often say- Meditation, literally, saved my life. 

As a lifelong member of the over-achievers club (with honourable status as a perfectionist), I struggled with a form of undiagnosed depression throughout university. It wasn't until I started planning on ending my life (whoa, heavy, I know)  that I finally found someone who called a spade a spade and taught me the tools to manage my crazy, but beautiful, mind. 

These days, I meditate as often as I brush my teeth (aka everyday- my dentist loves me). To me, meditation is mental hygiene- much like brushing my teeth is dental hygiene. In addition to being the gal behind Brand, Community, and Experience here on the MOMENT team, I own my own yoga & lifestyle brand- The Social Yoga.  

Co-Founder // Content & Education Director

Trust me in this, the majority of therapists become such to heal and understand things about themselves. At least this is true for me. After having worked with top-athletes or highly traumatized people, one thing became clear: Meditation is a great way to quiet the brain, to achieve more goals, and to be happier. Meditation has become my passion- I teach it, and I practice it.

As a single parent living in Vancouver, 11.000 km away from home (the boot-shaped country), I cannot retreat as a hermit to meditate. I have to create mini-retreats in my daily life. This is what inspires my programming for MOMENT- the idea of an urban refuge.

I am the proud content and education director at MOMENT, as well as the founder of the Vancouver Brain Lab. I am a full-time mom and dreamer. I love design, fashion and gelato, the real one.

Co-Founder // Finance & Business Director

I used to believe in working hard and playing hard- and I did it very well for over a decade. I wore “I’m so busy” as a badge of honour. I thought I was living the dream. Turns out…it was the anti-depressants that were putting me in that dream. In 2013, they stopped working and I woke up with a massive reality hangover that lasted 2 years.

Not wanting to take drugs anymore, I tried my hand at pottery and knitting...but neither were doing the trick. (Seriously, I went from racing cars to knitting. The scarf is still not finished.) After reading "10% Happier" by Dan Harris, I decided to give meditation a try and although it hasn’t been easy, it is what has helped me find the balance I needed all along.

I am the Finance and Business manager for MOMENT and Head Guinea Pig. To me, MOMENT is an opportunity to introduce meditation to everyone...before they hit the wall like I did. Meditation has helped me calm my stress and find more happiness but without losing my competitive edge. I still love to race and to win; in cars, on bikes or on skis. Meditation has helped me find the balance I never knew I needed.  

Sales & Business Specialist

When I got involved with the MOMENT team I had never meditated before and really didn’t think it would be something for me. Little did I know that every time in the past when I was visualizing results- whether it was on the field playing Football or in the air flying as a pilot- I was practicing meditation.

Now that my knowledge of mindfulness and meditation has grown, I have begun to implement positive practices into my day to day. I'm not going to say I sit down for 15 minutes everyday- because I don’t. However, I am more mindful on a regular basis and my increased awareness of my emotional state paired with my new knowledge on mindfulness allows me to perform and lead much more effectively.